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Dan wore white tennis shoes.

We have lots of bread, and as for butter, we have more than enough.

They accepted that.

Blayne isn't going to come home.

Are you doing anything tomorrow night?

I wasn't trying to do it on purpose.

You should go to a dentist immediately.

Andrew, Simon Peter's brother, was one of the two who heard what John had said and who had.

Myron is ready for you.

Do you not like Barbara?

At that time nobody lived on the island.

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I need you to show me what you have in your bag.


Ernie was a baseball player.


Would you like a little?

To the best of my knowledge, Vadim can't swim.

She did not agree to the proposal.

Mother bought me a new bicycle.

The living room is a tip.

The doctor is young. Is the pilot, too?

I haven't heard anything yet.

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How often do you go skiing every year?

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It seems pretty easy.

Sid tried hard, but failed.

How much pushing force should you apply to move this 30-kg wooden box?

We chose a hotel close to the museum.

Marian is worried about being sued.

One should respect one's spouse.

Ramanan finds it hard to sit through a movie without going to sleep.


Why did you call me at this unearthly hour?

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What do you say we go skiing?

Their wedding announcement is exquisite.

Please return one set to us with your signature.

She's Ukrainian.

Where did you get all those keys?


They looked up.

The Riemann Hypothesis is unproven.

The more I get, the more I want.

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I can't remember ever being so bored.

He's Mr. Brown, the chairman of the committee.

My poor grandmother is very ill now and I'm afraid she's at death's door.

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The roof of the church needs repairs.

Where did you put the screwdriver?

The computer is undoubtedly a valuable tool.

He hasn't paid Herve yet.

Casper was trying to escape.

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Do any of you know her?

Panzer went to Boston in 2013.

We want to meet them.

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There was nothing I could do to help.

As a mercenary, did you participate in torture sessions?

I'm very sorry about Perry.


Some people are really intelligent.


Cindy's phone is ringing.

All right, let's just do this.

There's no more room here.

Suddenly, he fell down on his back.

Contributions are encouraged.


No one can deny the fact that fire burns.

He rejected all the objections.

I'm sorry, I can't stay long.

I can't understand why John turned down a job as good as that.

Hold this ladder steady.

Danny doesn't mind swimming in the rain.

He suggested going out to watch a movie.

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I'd appreciate an answer as soon as possible.

We can't ask Bruce to do that.

Would you recognize him?

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The lady and her dog that were entering at the gate were stopped by the gatekeeper.

Raghu is wearing headphones.

His failure resulted from his carelessness.

The problem isn't her.

It is not possible to conceive without perceiving.


His essay is rubbish.

If you happen to see Maureen, tell her Marcel was asking after her.

We can talk about this at home.

Want is the mother of industry.

I slept like a baby.


Even though Sato has a nice personality, he doesn't know its value and doesn't like himself.

Vic wouldn't allow Annard to do that.

Joachim does everything he can to save money.


They drank coffee.

Siping gave that question serious thought.

He is after a better job.

Kolkka doesn't often listen to music.

If the phone rings again, I plan to ignore it.

Was Wilmer the one who suggested this?

The sun doesn't always shine.

I almost never watch TV.

I'm tired of listening to you.

She kept on talking while eating.

The world feels so empty, when one only sees mountains, rivers and cities. But realising that there are people here and there, who could match with us, who we live with silently : that changes this earth in a living garden.

What song was Kinch singing?

I didn't really care about that.

Kristin changed places with Stephanie.

Please write down his words.


Micah was the best friend I've ever known, but he also disappointed me.


Ammonia is a colorless liquid or gas with a very strong smell.

This water is sterilized.

Single ensuite, please.


It's all so absurd.


Do you speak Arabic?

I thought she was going to cry.

And, many times, I've cried.


Clayton forgot to turn off the microphone when he turned to say something to Herbert.

I want a room with a shower.

How does it help us?

He asked after my wife when I met him today.

This is a long pencil.


I don't want to go to the hospital.

I'd really appreciate it if you'd cleaned the garage.

The rat made a hole in the wall.

We're desperate to find a solution.

I knew Margie was no good.

We've got to save her.

Bring me my cane.

Stop talking about us.

His shoulder hurts because he carried a very heavy suitcase.

I will not come tomorrow.

You're way too late.

As a rule, she and I agree with each other.

Those were Victor's last words.


Subra and Hume both failed the exam.

Learning a foreign language is truly interesting and enjoyable.

They got married quickly.

There are five people in this photo.

You might want to put this someplace safe.


Tell them we're unarmed.

There can be no people who have gone through as many hardships this century as the Jews.

Stock prices dropped.

Jochen saw Tomas trying to escape.

She rides a fixie.

Mom, Hsuan won't share with me!

Malus bet $300 on the game.

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Hi! Good morning!

Let alone the criminals: They have suffered for their offences; But those who have no crime, Are indiscriminately involved in ruin.

How much did they pay for that?

If you want to set your mind at rest and relax at home, first you have to not think about work matters.

She speaks five foreign languages, but when she wants to curse she speaks in her mother tongue.


It's natural for him to get mad.

Isn't that what you're trying to tell me?

This does not square with your story.

Some people are disappointed.

Life is so much easier now than it used to be.


Jane felt unable to cope with driving in heavy traffic after her accident.

China has about 25 times the area of Japan.

It got colder day by day.

Did he really tell you that?

The biggest caveat of using social media is reduced privacy.


He can speak English and French.

She has coffee-colored shoes.

My house is situated on the other side of that bridge.


I'm sorry I didn't come by last night.

I would be very pleased to go with you.

I don't care about any of those things.

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I'm trying to figure out why Edmond left.

Renu filled the pitcher with water.

Urs said that I could spend the night at his place.

Any fever?

I hope we don't have to do that.

That was totally my fault.

Sassan wished he hadn't told Sanjeev anything.

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Don't tell him.


"Next time," he said.